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Winnebago Indian Basket

Item No. NA0009
Work: Basket  - Black Ash
People: Winnebago
Artist: Marie Lewis
Signature: Signed in pencil on underside
Place of Origin: Wisconsin
Date of work: ca. 1930ís
Medium: Black ash splint
Size: Height: 4-3/4" (12.1 cm)
  Largest diameter: 11-1/4" (28.6 cm)
Biography: As of now, we know little of Marie Lewis. However, a

family member Velma Lewis continues to produce and sign baskets of identical design and similar colors schemes.

Description: This splint basket is decorated with pointed rim finish
  and turned pointed feet.
JMBG Notes:

The fading of the dyes is normal for aged baskets of this 


type. This does not appear to be detrimental to the aesthetics of the piece nor much of its collector value.

Condition: Very good condition. Original dyes are faded out, with

only faint traces of red and blue remain. The pointed rim was dyed red and every other horizontal splint was dyed blue.

Provenance: Private collection.
Price: $125.00 US
Detail Photos: Detail
Top View
  Side View
  Side Detail

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